Hi there! I'm Alli :)


I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Hampshire in 2014, where I focused on oil painting and printmaking. My background in the arts strongly influences my work with technology and data today; my passion for organization, structure, and design is applicable to both a canvas and a database.


After graduating college, I began working for my family's business - a heavy-duty truck dealership in New England. When the business expanded, part of my job became developing "Best Practices" for the various procedures across locations. I started transforming processes that had long been in place with paper and pen into digital automations that saved hours of time - and loved it. In 2019, I started my business, ARA, LLC, to help other people and companies reclaim their time by reducing the hours spent on data entry, inventory management, asset tracking, and more.


Airtable and Zapier are my applications of choice, as their versatility and intuitive interfaces make them not only easy to use, but also fun. What's beautiful about Airtable is that it can be useful to any industry or workflow. My clients are from all spheres of employment, from truck and car dealerships to lawyers and investors. Every job is an opportunity to learn about a different career, and all the data points that go with it.


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